[ FAQ ]


Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions.  For your convenience, here are some of the more common ones which provide some useful information:-

What should I wear at the retreat?

The robe and slippers provided are appropriate spa attire and you can lounge in your robe the whole day long or wear whatever makes YOU feel most relaxed.  You may like to change to casual clothes for dinner, but are more than welcome to remain in your robe. As a general rule, wear what you feel comfortable though loose clothing is suggested for yoga and meditation sessions.  Having oily hair and no makeup is in vogue at EE.

Is there a specific order treatments should be taken?

In order to maximize the benefits of your spa getaway, we recommend that for those on Ayurvedic packages, the Ayurvedic Vaidya will at your request and during consultation assist you in selecting and organizing your therapies to create a tailored schedule of maximum reward.

What is included in the Accommodation Package?

Your stay at Elemental Embrace includes all of your meals, accommodation, yoga and meditation session, lifestyle lectures, evening activities and use of our recreational facilities. Treatment packages are available for a combination of Spa services and Ayurvedic Treatments which we have selected on your behalf from our experience and expertise, and these packages include your accommodation, meals and yoga in addition to the treatments.† For guests new to Ayurveda or the Spa Services, these packages are the best way to proceed.† More specialized Ayurvedic packages are also available, and begin with†a consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Doctors (Vaidyas) where modifications to the template package to suit your specific body type and goals will be suggested..

Do I have to take off all my clothes during treatments?

You donít have to do anything that makes you, in any way, uncomfortable. Professional draping techniques employed by our team of professionals ensure your privacy at all times exposing only the area to be worked upon. While most full body treatments are best performed with less clothing, you are welcome to wear a swimsuit. The therapist will explain the treatment procedure including how to position yourself on the treatment table and using the linens to cover yourself prior to commencement. The therapist will leave the room while you disrobe and position yourself for the treatment, and will protect your right to privacy and comfort at all times.

What if Iím pregnant? Can I still come to the Retreat?

Absolutely! It is the perfect opportunity to relax, prepare and spend some time with yourself. Our therapists have been trained in pre-natal and post-natal therapies, and although some treatments which are performed with heat will be off limits to you during your pregnancy, a range of Ayurvedic treatments are highly beneficial. You may also indulge in massage, reflexology, and wonderful aesthetic services.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from taking any treatments?

Yes. Certain conditions such as active cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and pregnancy have contradictions to certain treatments. Please speak with our Ayurvedic specialist if you have a condition which you have questions about. During consultations and in preparation for certain treatments, you will be asked to fill out a medical history form which will give the doctors all relevant information to plan a treatment schedule which is both relaxing and highly beneficial to your condition.  We are not able to perform Panchakarma treatments during menstruation.

Can I request a particular gender of therapist?

At Elemental Embrace we employ professional male and female therapists, and have both a female and male Ayurvedic doctor. Although we will try to accommodate your preferences, we cannot guarantee the gender of your therapist. Please book as early as possible.

What about gratuities?

If you wish to extend a gratuity to a member of staff should they exceed your expectations, please do so through the reception at the end of your stay. All gratuities are split between respective members of the team unless specified by yourself.