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The Elemental Vision


Elemental Embrace is a retreat built on the foundation of wellness.  We aim to create an environment which will enable, bestow, empower, and advocate a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
Entrust with us some time out of your busy lives so we can help you devote it to yourself.  We offer you relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments to heal.  We offer to share timeless yoga practices each morning and to help you begin and develop your meditative practice.   

We offer to teach you not about the human body, but your human body, how to care for it, understand it,  energize it, feel and feed it.  We offer all this in a comfortable, private and homely environment designed to heal, with staff dedicated to serve, and like minded people willing to share in the experience of developing their essential selves.
Our vision of Elemental Embrace is based upon an unequivocal belief that this experience can better your life, and our experience through Elemental Embrace, has manifested the belief that it will.  We understand that this time you are able to devote to yourself is limited, and ranges from a single hour to a few weeks on end.  We cater to individuals seeking anything between a single Spa relaxation massage, Ayurvedic mental relaxation treatment, colonic hydrotherapy treatment, through a weekend right up to a 21 day weight loss, detoxification or rejuvenation package.
Our focus is clearly upon enabling effective and lasting wellness which in most cases can only be achieved through a few nights out of your busy lifestyles, devoted to this environment of healing.   I have created in conjunction with our resident Ayurvedic doctors and feedback from our clients to date, treatment packages templates on which you can base your stay in accordance with your program and based upon your specific goal and time at hand.
Every one of these packages includes a combination of Ayurvedic and spa treatments which follow each other with synergistic value.  They give first timers to Ayurveda a glimpse of the health restorative properties of our Ayurvedic treatments in conjunction to the spa treatments we have grown to enjoy.
You may have a look at a brief description of Ayurvedic treatments we offer at Elemental Embrace.  These treatments have been combined with western spa treatments to create either detoxification, rejuvenation, weight loss, pregnancy or simply de-stress packages for stays between 2 and 8 nights.
Ayurveda for those of you new to the concept, is our chosen wellness modality which is a holistic science of life originating from India having prevailed through several thousands of years.  At Elemental Embrace we have brought in Ayurvedic doctors (Vaidyas) from India who customize your herbally medicated treatment oils and treatments, consult, lecture and live on site to oversee your wellness program.  The timeless medical and wholesome Ayurvedic science is what differentiates Elemental Embrace from a pampering and beauty spa, and upgrades your time otherwise devoted to relaxation and wellness.  (More about Ayurveda). 

For those of you interested in further exploring the abundance of Ayurveda, many of our packages begin with an Ayurvedic consultation with our resident Vaidya.  Through this hour long one on one discussion of your health, you receive great insight into your body's strengths, weaknesses and characteristics and the information to relate this to the world we live in through a dosha specific constitutional analysis.

This also enables the Vaidyas to suggest changes to your treatment, exercise, meditation, yoga and diet schedule during your stay with us, and life away. If you carry any interest in Ayurveda and taking control of your well being. Booking yourself in for a consultation is a great way to start, and in my opinion, essential.

The demands of today's fast paced lifestyle mean that although we take our vehicles in for service regularly and on time, we push our bodies, by nature of incomparable complexity, to the brink of health consequences before we consider addressing them with a chemical quick fix disease curative approach. At Elemental Embrace we understand the difficulties in creating this time for oneself, and through our combination of Spa services to provide conventional relaxation, along with Ayurvedic treatments and therapies which offer a health restorative (and disease curative) approach to wellness, we are able to give our clients the maximum yield of your time, and an increased understanding of yourself to carry with you.

The retreat's focus is very much on the individual. Despite a residential capacity of up to 20 guests, we currently take in an average of 8 - 14 guests at any one time. Spread amongst the treatment rooms, lounges, yoga/meditation studio and facilities means that you can be sure that you will get time to yourself and the space for personal reflection whenever you need. We have an equal ratio of trained and nurturing personnel on staff to our guests, and you can be sure that we will do what it takes for you to get all you desire from your time with us.

We understand that a generic form of wellness cannot be bottled and sold as it would have to take into consideration the individual habits both social and work, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, dietary and personal preferences, etc. Ayurveda does this, and we are proud to practice it in its pure and authentic form, with oils, herbs and teas all imported from pharmacies in India, and dispensed by qualified and certified Ayurvedic Vaidyas from India, whom live on staff to monitor your progress throughout your stay.

To date, our guests have felt comfortable enough to put away the vanity case, keep their treatment oil in their hair and remain in their robes for the best part of the day, contemplating wellness from the inside out. We do not engage in extensive advertising but allow for natural evolution though repeat and referral clientele, so if you're reading this its probably because you have been referred to us, so you can be sure that you will get the attention and commitment of a guest in our home.

We like the lifestyle, and we love what we do, and are always pleased when we can share it with you. 
Begum Teja
Visionary and Director.
For more information, contact us toll free on 1.866.212.9355 (US and Canada) or 613.475.9941, and a member of the team will be happy to assist.
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