Elemental Embrace was built with the primary goal of offering a safe and enjoyable detoxification program of unquestionable and unparalleled result. We are very proud to offer you these detoxification and rejuvenation programs, sharing with you the oldest known medical system in the world, with pure, uncompromised value.


"Thanks to modern chemistry, eggs don’t stick to the pan, underarms are fresh all day, SUV’s hit 60 in six seconds. But such convenience has a price: Chemicals that suffuse modern life – from well known toxins to newer compounds with unknown effects – are building up in our bodies and sometimes staying there for years." (Article titled ‘The pollution within’ - ‘National Geographic’ Magazine, October 2006. Open the entire article by David Ewing Duncan in a separate window)
Toxins from chemicals in our food, our polluted environments, occasional drinking and smoking, stress and chemical medication all accumulate in our body over a period of time.  These toxins are the cause of myriad diseases, and the effects of which are unfortunately anything but subtle.  Western medicine has great difficulty removing fat soluble toxins safely and effectively from our body.  Through the Ayurvedic Medical Science native to the Indian sub-continent, detoxification and rejuvenation is achieved with 'Panchakarma', which will not only facilitate the removal of these deep seated toxins, but do so with no negative side effects.  Our research and experience of thousands of clients since 2002 give us the confidence to guarantee this.
Removing these toxins and allowing your body to rejuvenate through Panchakarma requires a minimum of 7 nights. At Elemental Embrace, we appreciate that no matter how much we may want to free ourselves of all of these toxins, we do not immediately have the time to do so.
For you, we offer a series of 2 - 6 night 'Quick Cleanse and Refresh' packages to keep your immune system strong until you are able to make time to experience any of our 7 - 28 night Panchakarma Programs,  – Ayurveda’s elemental purification and healing modality.

Link to the 2 - 6 night programs: Quick Cleanse and Refresh

Panchakarma Detoxification Programs : 7 – 28 nights

Detoxification through Panchakarma is the core focus of Elemental Embrace. As our world becomes more chemically enhanced and genetically modified with increasing levels of air pollution, we push ourselves harder and faster through this technological revolution. We only stop briefly to take a pill when our bodies try to slow us down. We succumb to a lifestyle of living, treating discomfort and disease when it arises, rather than living healthy, in pursuit to perfect healthy.

Fortunately, ‘western spa’ has created a culture of mini spa vacations to getaway from the pressures of this fast paced lifestyle, offering physical relaxation, mental tranquility and time to ourselves. It is clear to us that we are now searching for more of a mental and physical ‘wellness’ component through detoxification and rejuvenation from these vacations, without sacrificing any of the pampering of ‘spa’.

Detoxification at Elemental Embrace, the wellness spa retreat, offers just that and more.

Our detoxification programs may involve an initial at home cleanse and preparation, followed by Purvakarma, Swedana and Panchakarma at the retreat.

Panchakarma is the elemental purification and healing modality of the Ayurvedic Medical Science, and offers balancing rejuvenation for mind, body, and consciousness.

Panchakarma means 5 therapies:

Vamana - Vomiting / emesis therapy
Virechan - Purgation therapy with herbal laxatives
Basti - Therapeutic enema with Ayurvedic Preparations
Nasya - Cleansing nasal administration of Ayurvedic preparations
Ratamokshana -Blood letting with leeches now preformed at EE.

Vamana, Virechan or Basti will be prescribed by our Vaidya following your consultation (in person or by e-mail / phone) dependant upon your physiological condition. Nasya is a karma which can accompany each of the others, and is included within all of our panchakarma packages.

The panchakarma detoxification program begins with Purvakarma : Purvakarma is internal oelation, external oelation, and Swedana. (steam).

Purvakarma treatments are designed to relax the body and mind, improve the flow of energy by opening the srotas (channels of circulation) and to prepare the body to eliminate toxins (ama). After four to fourteen days of this internal purvakarma, the doshas have usually ripened in their sites of origin in the gastrointestinal tract and the ama is ready to be flushed from the system by the appropriate panchakarma treatment.

Internal purvakarma is the oral intake of medicated ghee preparations. This is done as a therapeutic procedure as well as a preparatory process for the panchakarma removal of toxins. In this treatment heavily medicated ghee is taken internally in proportionally increasing quantity for a period of 2 to 6 days, and is an integral part of both the Virechan and Vaman Panchakarma programs.

External Purvakarma: Herbal oil massages (two or four handed abhyanga, shirodhara, etc) are performed to cause superficial and deep tissues to supple. This process nourishes the nervous system and helps loosen and facilitate the removal of accumulated ama (toxins) from the body. These nurturing treatments are also deeply relaxing and an integral part of very Panchakarma program.

Swedana is therapeutic application of steam to cause sweating. This process loosens the toxins, and is accelerated by the addition of herbal preparations to the steam. Herbalized steam dilates the srotas (channels of circulation), further loosening and removing impurities through the skin and gastrointestinal tract. After swedana, a herbal powder such as sandalwood, rose or vaca powder is sometimes rubbed briskly on the skin. This helps circulation, removes toxins from the skin and helps to pacify the imbalanced doshas. At the completion of the session, you may shower and rest. Swedana is an integral part of every Panchakarma program

Your 7 - 28 program at Elemental Embrace

At Elemental Embrace, we offer an authentic program with herbs and herbal oils imported from India, administered by our resident Ayurvedic doctors (Vaidyas). They each hold graduate degrees from the most respectable Ayurvedic universities in India and many years of experience.

As our Vaidyas live at the retreat, and we only accommodate a very small group of clients at one time (up to 18), we are able to begin your package on any day of the week, at your convenience.

Panchakarma detoxification and rejuvenation programs are available between 7 and 28 night stays. Once you have decided to experience a program at Elemental Embrace, call/ write to register for a panchakarma program (minimum 7 nights). 

We will then send you a personal lifestyle and health questionnaire which we will need you to fill and return to us. One of our resident Ayurvedic Vadiyas will then advise upon which form of Panchakarma will best suit you, and any present condition.

Following are details of each of the 7 night panchakarma detoxification programs offered at EE, of which one (or two) will be suggested for you.  You will also find here the details of how these individual panchakarma programs become 14, 21 and 28 night programs:

You can read descriptions of the Ayurvedic treatments as spa services as listed within these programs by clicking the respective links.

If required upon your approval, we can finalize on the necessary reservation, and send you the appropriate herbal medicines and/or teas and suggested dietary guidelines to begin your cleanse at home a few days prior to your stay with us. At this time you will be required to put down a 50% deposit on your program in accordance with our policies.

Panchakarma, Purvakarma and Swedana Detoxification Program :  Frequently Asked Questions